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Ruination Day


Artist Statement

April 14: Lincoln was shot. The Titanic hit the iceberg. The Black Sunday dust storm devastated the Midwest. Three major events in American history occurred on the same date, and each are documented in folk and blues songs.

The RUINATION DAY series is based on four of these songs: “Booth Killed Lincoln,” a 19th-century folk ballad; “God Moves on the Water” by Blind Willie Johnson; “The Great Dust Storm” by Woody Guthrie; and “Ruination Day, Part II” by Gillian Welch.

In abstract geometric paintings and drawings, I deconstruct the time-based structure of music and rebuild it as simultaneous pattern. The past and the present and the future all in one space.

RUINATION DAY is the architecture of information. The mechanics of story-telling. Muscle memory in your fingers. The echo of a tune you heard once that still rings in your ears. Fragments. It is music as a vessel we use to carry along what matters.

RUINATION DAY is repetition, nuance, catastrophe.

Exhibited at Tiger Strikes Asteroid - Philadelphia in 2019.

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